Companies that introduced online shopping for customers have registered 40% growth in sales

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With introduction of flexible shopping carts & secure payment gateways shopping online is a safe & pleasurable experience today.

E-Commerce is the darling of entrepreneurs around the world

It has helped businesses add a new stream of revenue without disturbing their existing customer base. Online stores have helped many local businesses to pursue expansion plans & explore new horizons.

Big & Small, Old & New, One Man or An Organization, Product or Service; Ecommerce is for all businesses

Ecommerce can help your business with more than just revenue. Launch your web store and watch your brand reach new heights, etc.

Let SPICER Methodology by OrangeWit take your business online and unlock new avenues of revenue for you. We help you in all parts of this journey from launching a new web store to promoting it on different channels and managing budgets for advertisements.

Set goal

Set Goals

Once a definite goal is set your mind devices ways to achieve it and things around it start moving. The best way to go after your goals is to write them down.

In order to have better control over final output SPICER Methodology is the solution. It helps you break the sales process into smaller intermittent goals like

  • Set Goals in terms of Visitors
  • Set Goals in terms of Registrations
  • Set Goals in terms of Sales / Item
  • Set Goals in terms of Overall Sale
  • Set Goals in terms of Revenue
  • Set Budgets for Online PPC Campaigns
  • Set Goals in terms of Social Media Followers, Likes, Shares, etc.
Set goal


Once potential customer persona is identified its time to attract them on your website. Potential Customers are made curious and inspired to visit your web store by placing advertisements & social media promotion

Ways to Invite strangers across internet on your website are

  • Inspire strangers looking for your product / service on Search Engine
  • Invite Social Media Users by distributing right content
  • Attract potential customers by launching Email Campaign
  • Advertise on web with Google AdWords
  • Boost / Promote your posts on Social Media
Enable Closure

Enable Closure

Registered users are your best prospects of converting into customers and buy your product online. This makes it very important to nurture them in the direction of sales.

This is the most important part of SPICER Methodology as this is where business is generated. Its is therefore important to serve a personalized experience to every registered user.

Online & Offline nurturing techniques are

  • Top of the line Shopping Experience
  • Easy Checkout Experience
  • Create Upselling & Cross-Selling Opportunities
  • Monitor the marketing campaigns
  • Marketing Automation

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Learn more about MOET product, view online manuals, get the latest downloads, and more. Connect with us, or get service, support, and professional advice from our team.

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Learn more about MOET product, view online manuals, get the latest downloads, and more. Connect with us, or get service, support, and professional advice from our team.

Old or new, lets boost your business with Digital Marketing by adding Online Shopping Experience

Who Should do it?

  • B2B Businesses
  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Consumable B2B Products
  • Products or Services

Launch an Ecommerce Business




Planning is the second phase in SPICER methodolgy. Once Goals are set, we need to generate a detailed Plan that works in the direction of achieving the set Goals.
Different tasks are identified and allotted to different members of team or departments.

  • Define Online Sales Process
  • Identify Ideal Customer persona
  • Identify right shopping cart
  • Identify Payment Options
  • Identify right payment partners
  • Device Warranty Policy
  • Plan Campaigns
  • Define Customer Journey
  • Develop CTA


We now have successfully invited random visitors on your website. Its time to convert the guests into registered users.

Products, pricing, availability, reviews and other factors govern the decision to register on your webstore. People feel free to share their personal details once authenticity is established.

Activities that can be employed to engage the visitors are

  • Offers & Discounts
  • Registration Forms
  • Initiate effective call-to-actions (CTA) such as 'Share e-mail id' Or Fill up Forms
  • Offer Shopping App on Mobile


We have successfully converted a stranger into a customer. Now is the time to convert a happy customer into a promotor of your business.

A happy customer provides repeat business or a new business opportunity when Re-engaged at right touch points with right content.

Reengagement touch points are

  • Happy Customer is source of a repeat business but lets not forget the unhappy ones; connect with both
  • Convert Customers into Promotors
  • Smart Upselling & Cross-Selling Strategies
  • Social Reengagement
  • Other Call-to-Action
  • Regular Updates about New Products
  • Regular Updates about New Offers & Discounts
  • Ask for Suggestions / Preferences about products

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