The 6 Steps of Successful Sales Process – Part I

The 6 Steps of Successful Sales Process – Part I

Ajay Sudame | 18th Jan 2017
Sales Process is a time tested and proven methodology for increasing sales & to drive teams in structured manner. This blog is the first of two part series, in which first 3 steps of Sales Process are explained.
6 Stages of Sales Process with Sales Funnel

6 Stages of Sales Process with Sales Funnel

The whole purpose behind having a Sales Team is to increase sales month after month, year after year. The question is what actions Sales leaders need to take to make this happen? In my Sales career spanning 2 decades I have seen many talented and
hardworking sales persons performing really well for a month or a quarter and getting grounded after a little while. In contrast to that have also, seen folks, not that brilliant, yet perform consistently.

So what’s the secret behind their consistency? Well it’s the structured approach to Sales which has made all the difference. To understand how to approach Sales in a structured manner have broken down the whole process into 6 small steps. 3 of those 6 are explained in this blog.

Through Suspecting, Prospecting and Acquaintance you nurture leads and bring them to a stage where they are ready to take the professional relationship further and divulge about the need for your product or service.

Suspecting basically means eliminating unnecessary leads and potential time wasting contacts from Sales Funnel at an initial stage. Successful Sales Persons and Sales Leaders are engaged into Suspecting on a continuous basis. However they may not realize it. And hence the usage may be irregular, resulting in bad forecasting. A successful Sales Process Is the one which tracks inputs at every step and generates data intermittently. Suspecting is one such critical element of a Sales Process
which helps identify imposters quickly and raises red flags early so that energy and time can be saved.

The act of getting in touch with these identified prospective leads through various means such as Phone, E-mail or Social Media is known as Prospecting. This is a phase during which Sales persons gathers some intelligence about the leads gathered and gets an idea about persona of the prospect.

Prospecting is the phase in which for the first time a contact with prospective customer is established. Hence it’s extremely important that the first chance to make an impression should be put to maximum use. To gain full mileage here, it’s important that,the person interacting with prospects is fully aware of the situation. But being aware is only the beginning. What matters here is training and monitoring structure of the organization. Training will ensure that the person entrusted with task of interacting with prospects is sufficiently armed and a good monitoring system will make sure that feedback is available to everybody in the hierarchy.

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Acquaintance (Getting to Know)
This is where the rubber hits the road in the sales process. for the first time. This is the step where you begin to build a relationship and the intelligence gathering, continues which started with Prospecting. To convert a Prospect into an Acquaintance, good approach is crucial. Because that approach either identifies you as a bothersome salesperson and cause a prospect’s guard to go up, or it will identify you as helpful one with something of value to offer. During this phase in order to that to take this brand new relationship forward, the sales person must concentrate more on soft skills. Because parting of too much of technical info at this stage can push Prospect back to Suspect stage.

Through Suspecting, Prospecting and Acquaintance Sales Process nurtures a lead and bring him to a stage where he / she is ready to take the professional relationship further and divulge about the need for your product or service.

To know how the balance three steps of Sales Process help you in identifying the problem and providing a solution do read the upcoming blog.