Successful Sales Process Identifies Potential Customers First: Start Suspecting

Successful Sales Process Identifies Potential Customers First: Start Suspecting

Ajay Sudame | 27th Jan 2017
Sales Process is a time tested and proven methodology for increasing sales & to drive teams in structured manner. This series of 6 blogs will explain all the steps in detail. This first blog starts with – Suspecting.
6 Stages of Sales Process with Sales Funnel

6 Stages of Sales Process with Sales Funnel

While most of the Sales people understand the importance of making calls, very few know how critical it is to make calls to people who have the potential to buy the product or service. Organizations through targeted effort or unknowingly keep on generating names which also can be termed as leads. Most of these leads do not convert into sales. By the time the Sales Leaders finds this out, lot of time and energy may have been wasted. That’s where the Suspecting technique comes into play.

Suspecting basically means eliminating unnecessary leads and potential time wasters from Sales Funnel at an initial stage. Successful Sales Persons and Sales Leaders are engaged into Suspecting on a continuous basis. However they may not realize it. And hence the usage may be irregular, resulting in bad forecasting. A successful Sales Process Is the one which tracks inputs at every step and generates data at every step. Suspecting is one such critical element of a Sales Process which helps identify imposters quickly and raises red flags early so that energy and time can be saved. 

Sales prospects who are interested will engage with you regularly, while suspects will only engage with you as long as it’s safe and they can get away without giving away much information.

To understand the concept more clearly late’s look at a real life example. I myself have been into Sales for last 20 years now. Out of which for more than a decade has been handling fairly large Direct marketing Teams. One of my assignments comprised of marketing a product suited best to persons aged above 35.Though there was nothing which could have stopped younger person from buying it, the hit ratio with age bracket of 35-50 was high. One of our new team members selling this product picked up some success without much guidance and completed his target in half of allotted time. That raised expectations and pressure on him grew. To my surprise his performance nosedived in subsequent months and he started struggling big time. What had gone wrong? Well he was going to wrong set of people; i.e. All males or females between age bracket of 25-30.

So how did he get initial success? Well the answer is, he sold only to near and dear ones. Who bought the product without not on merit of it or need but rather because of relationship. Once he moved out of easy market, where relations were not that strong enough, life became difficult. And there was no sale at all.
So how Suspecting could have helped here? Well by applying a simple Qualifying criteria of Age, his immediate Supervisor should have been explained why the product is more suitable for age more than 35. That would have served as a good guideline and he would have meet right customers. Which could have saved time, resources and lot of heart burn.

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Coming to Suspecting for Digital Marketing; it’s generally observed that Digital marketing/online Sales companies generate leads in a massive quantity. Post which without much thought or qualifying those leads across various parameters, product or service information is bombarded to them either through Mails or Phone calls. Which hardly helps and can be actually counterproductive.

What’s actually needed is nurturing those leads to next stage. That’s where we suggest SPICER framework, which helps Digital Marketers to develop a relation with the prospective customer and reduces leakages of leads.